Heat @ Radisson Blu Hotel

On my very first visit to Berlin during my Bachelor studies in 2010, I had the pleasure of being able to stay at the Radisson Blu Hotel practically attached to the Berliner Dom. Now more than 6 years later, I live here in this magical city and recently had the chance to head back to where it all started. 

The Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin is not only home to that famously impressive fish tank, but also a fantastic restaurant called Heat. Although one could be fooled into writing it off as just another over-priced and unoriginal hotel restaurant, Heat is far from that. 

You won’t find any re-heated once-frozen meals and canned vegetables here, everything is as fresh as it could be found. The Radisson group works with chefs from all over the place, from Rome to Paris, Madrid, Edinburgh and of course Berlin, to create the most spectacular dishes, the emphasis being on the vegetables. Taking into consideration the tastes and culture of the city in question, the chefs are encouraged to make use of seasonal vegetables as the focus of the dish. Of course, you can get the juiciest, most beautiful slab of steak here, but right now, lets focus on the greenery.

The Radisson is taking health into their own hands by using the freshest most high quality ingredients all while trying to make us aware of our all-important daily vegetable intake. I mean, who can say they get all their greens in every single day? Not me!

During our meal we were treated to several vegetarian offerings, the grand star being the Indian seasoning marinated tofu and large couscous main dish. I’m not usually a fan of tofu, its a terribly difficult food to impart a lot of flavor into, but if you wouldn’t have told I was eating tofu,I would have been perfectly happy thinking it was anything else. The rich and warming Indian flavors were exactly what it needed to shine. If you’re sitting here in the hot summer sun like I am right now, you may be thinking that all sounds like too much for the weather, but it isn’t. The dish is so perfectly balanced that the hearty and homey rich flavors are evened out by the freshness of the vegetables and the lightness of the accompanying sauce and mousse.

Now, if I had 10 more pages I could ramble on and on about the perfectly selected wine pairings, the vibrant green salad bar and that to-die-for goat’s cheese creme brûlée, but I’ll leave a little mystery here for you to go out and discover for yourself…


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