Udon Kobo Ishin

Who: Udon Kobo Ishin

What: Japanese

When: Lunch/Dinner. Monday-Friday: 12-14.30 18-21.30 / Saturday 14-21.30

Litfaß-Platz 1, 10178 Berlin, Germany

Why: My mind has now had the appropriate amount of time to wrap itself around this perfect bowl of udon, and I still think that it is one of the best things I've ingested in the city. I have few adequate words to describe it right now, only a new found obsession and big bright emoji hearts in my eyes. Thier portions come in two sizes: normal and large (ahem, I mean vat of soup). Even for the most fearsome of hungers, trust me, normal size is just fine. Look, I hate to dampen a hugely stellar review, but I have to admit that the sushi, although beautiful, is rather sub-par. Just ignore the sushi and stick to the udon, that's where the real gold lies.

How: Between €6 and €14


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