Who: Kanaan

What: Israeli/Palestinian/Fusion

When: Lunch/Weekend Dinner. Monday - Friday: 12-16 / Saturday & Sunday: 12-22

Where: Kopenhagener Str. 16, 10437 Berlin, Germany | +49 1 762 258 6673

Why: Kitchen, history and culture: there’s no better way to describe Kanaan. The vegan/vegetarian restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg run by renowned Palestinian chef Jalil Dabit and Israeli businessman Oz Ben David is filled with history and tradition, seeping through the food and stories that the vivacious operators have to share.


Kanaan is the word for a promised land where there is never war, it is a place along the silk road known for being rich in spice and a melting pot of different culinary styles. The name is most suiting to this restaurant. Not only has the joining of a Palestinian and an Israeli Jew created such a unique collaboration of tastes, but their attention to detail and personal touches make it a very special experience.

Moroccan-stlye cous-cous

I hesitated to use the word “fusion” to describe the food, because of the hoity-toity or off-putting connotation it now holds. No, Kanaan is not experimenting with odd combinations and juxtapositions, but rather melding flavors and dishes that taste as though they were always meant to be together. The whole concept, and vision behind the restaurant is just that, bringing people together. There’s the obvious spear-heading duo of Jalil Dabit and Oz Ben David, but also the Moroccan, Syrian and Russian chefs in the kitchen, sharing their flavors and combining their family recipes. Everybody contributes and it shows. Their signature dish, the Shakshuka, is a mix of Dabit’s father’s creamy and buttery hummus recipe from his praised restaurant, Samir's, in Ramla, Palestine, and Ben David’s grandmother’s special Shakshuka recipe. The two together are a match made in heaven. 


Although the Shakshuka is amazing, their falafel, stole the show for me. Living in Berlin I’ve had a few falafels, or what I though until now were falafels, but never tried something quite like the one at Kanaan. Its soft and fluffy, bright green interior paired perfectly with the crispy exterior makes this powerfully flavored chickpea delight, a pure masterpiece.
Armed with stories a plenty, the team at Kanaan provides an experience like no other. They care, I mean really care, something that I’ve been missing a lot in the culinary world lately. 

It’s so refreshing to meet people who love what they do and put so much passion and so much love into every little detail. From Oz’s darting eyes around the restaurant to see customers’ reactions when they take the first bite, to Jaleel’s devotion to preserving his father’s culinary legacy through the food and stories, these are people who have a story to tell through their food, a story certainly worth listening to.


How: Between €4 and €7

Trio of light salads


  1. Compared with other places in Berlin, their Humus is very good, price is fair and the pita bread is fluffy and fresh. But unfortunately the service is terrible and the atmosphere is not very appealing. The staff was more busy being pleased with themselves and chatting with friends rather than work and the place is more of a dirty Kneipe rather than a restaurant. Also the Knaffe dessert was inedible and far from the real thing.

    1. We are sorry to hear that you thought the atmosphere was not appealing.
      We invite you to visit the restaurant on the weekend, when it does not operate as an Express (during the weekdays), and try our full menu.
      Also, we would like to mention that the restaurant and the express, although obviously both enjoying a shabby chick decor- are far from dirty. we take pride in the cleanliness of our kitchen, in our staff professionalism and our desire to bring amazing Israeli Palestinian food to Berlin.

  2. I'm new to Berlin and this post will really help me in finding new places to try out! Thanks!



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