The Klub Kitchen

What: German/Fusion

When: Lunch/Coffee/Snack. Monday - Saturday: 10-19

Where: Mulackstr. 15  => U-bahn: Rosa-Luxemburg Platz  (U2)

Why: I think I've found a new fave lunch spot in this modern, clean and sleek Mitte Luncheonette. Such a unique blend of flavors in this roasted salsiccia pasta you see above you with zucchini and lemon mint chili. It tasted so fresh with just the right amount of spice to make things interesting. The menu overall hosted a range of healthy and unique blends of flavor that meshed together a number of influences including German, Thai, French, Vietnamese and American. You'd think that with a mix like that things could get pretty confusing right? Wrong. Everything here is matched to perfection, refined and put together with a keen eye for details. A new fave for sure.

How: Between €3 and €9


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