Restoran Troika

What: Russian

When: Lunch/Dinner. Monday - Sunday: 10-23

Where: Raekoja plats 15, Tallinn, Estonia  | +372 627 62 45

Why: Restoran Troika was my first experience with Russian food. Before this, all I knew of Russian cuisine was caviar, blinis and vodka (I'm ashamed to say), but now I've redeemed myself and learned a little more. My order consisted of a meat pancake smothered in white sour cream sauce while my dining partner enjoyed Siberian Pelmeni. Those Pelmeni dumplings, if I'm being honest, were the true MVP. The menu doesn't hold back anything, with €99 black caviar and bear meat as casual options beside dumplings, soups and steaks. The whole restaurant, in fact, is shamelessly and unapologetically loud and kitsch, a fact that could easily overwhelm the important core: the food, but luckily for them, it holds up.

How: Between €8 and €30


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