Fumbally Cafe

What: Fusion

When: Lunch/Coffee/Snack. Tuesday - Friday: 8-17 / Saturday 10 - 17 (Wednesday Dinners 19 - 21.30)

Where: Fumbally Lane, Dublin 8, Ireland

Why: This place has come so highly recommended in the past, friends and fellow foodies have long urged me to give it a try. Now I get it: this place is Berlin in Dublin. The entire place, I mean every detail, down to the mounted bike on the wall and coffee straight from The Barn, has Kreuzberg/Friedrichshain written all over it. Decor aside, the food has a lot to offer too. The menu screams fresh and healthy with a good dose of comfort (see fried) and the taste reflects that. Most of what goes into the kitchen (and out) is locally sourced and organic - the cafe's entire mission really, is hugely focused on ethical and sustainable food sourcing. They're pretty busy, they deserve it, but that means you've got to be lucky to get a good spot.

How: Between €5 and €12


  1. While this place gets a little crowded and you might have to push through occasionally, it's hard not to mention that a definite plus in this Chicago event space is that you'll rarely have to wait on line in their large bathrooms.



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