What: Bar/Club

When: Snack/Lunch. Monday - Thursday: 10-01 / Friday - Sunday: 10-03

Where: Revaler Str. 99  => U-bahn & S-Bahn Warschauer (U1/S5/S7/S75)

Why: Ahhh, Berlin in the summer... This is one of those cities that really comes alive when the cold vanishes and the sun finally comes out. Nothing better than getting out of the heat and into the water, especially when you don't have to go too far. Forget the lake and long drives to the coast, Haubentaucher, a modern trendy pool and bar, is located right smack dab in the middle of Friedrichshain! Cool off with a dip and take a visit to the poolside bar where you can grab a drink and snack on those fabulous sweet potato fries you see there above. Keep in mind though, if you're expecting the Berghain crowd and artsy hipsters clad in head-to-toe black who are synonymous with the neighborhood, you'll be sorely disappointed  Oddly enough, the crowd here is more in line with the styles of other Berlin cities like Munich and Dussledorf where the style is a little more label-conscious and dressy.

How: Between €5 and €14


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