Saltimporten Canteen

What: Modern Scandinavian

When: Lunch.  Monday-Friday: 11.30-13.30

Where: Grimsbygatan 24, 211 20 Malmö, Sweden

Why: Anyone who says a day trip to Malmö from Copenhagen isn't worth it, clearly hasn't been to Saltimporten Canteen. Acclaimed chefs Ola Rudin and Sebastian Persson serve up upscale Scandinavian and fusion lunches so full of flavor and creativity. There is only one item on the menu (plus one vegetarian option) and is open for just two hours a day drawing in a constant stream of professionals and lunch-goers intent on enjoying this fine cuisine in a non-presumtuous and typically Scandinavian minimalist setting. Absolutely worth the trip, if not to see the beautiful city itself but simply eat here.

How:  90SEK (around €10)


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