Hokey Pokey

Who: Hokey Pokey

What: Ice Cream

When: Snack. Monday-Sunday: 12-22

Where: Stargarder Straße 73 => S-bahn/U-bahn: Berlin Schönhauser Allee (S1/S8/S9/S41/S42/S46/S85/U2)

Why: Ordering the gin and tonic ice cream, I thought, would turn out to be a novelty flavor that probably taste weird, but I was so pleasantly surprised. It tasted just like a frozen gin and tonic (alcohol included) with some added sweetness and complete with little bits of cucumber. Additionally, I tried their namesake Hokey Pokey, a vanilla ice cream with crispy bits of caramel too and it all really made me sure this is taking the top spot so far for ice cream in the city.

How: Between €1 and €4


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