Who: Chutnify

What: Indian

When: Lunch/Dinner. Tuesday-Sunday: 12-23

Where: Sredzkistraße 43 => U-bahn: Eberswalder Str. (U2)

Why: I finally stopped by Chutnify, and I'm thrilled I did! Oh my, the flavors! Someone spilled the entire spice rack in perfectly balanced doses into the pot. The spice level was to my liking too.  Despite having grown up in countries with aggressively spiced cuisines, I am very sensitive to it and don't enjoy an assault to the senses,but Chutnify gets it right with a spice profile that is very much present, but not over done.  The meal was filling, so come hungry, and they're in high demand since opening to rave reviews in October so be sure to make a reservation.

How: Between €5 and €15


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