Aunt Benny

Who: Aunt Benny

What: Café

When: Breakfast/Coffee/Lunch.  Tuesday-Friday: 9-20 / Saturday & Sunday: 10-20

Where: Oderstr. 7  => S-bahn/U-bahn: Frankfurter Allee  (S8/S9/S41/S42/S46/S85/U5)

Why: Aunt Benny has recently become popular amongst food writers in Berlin as a go-to place for a relaxing morning and a little breakfast.  The coffee was really very good, the prices reasonable, food fresh, great atmosphere and decor, and most importantly, good friendly service.  I just have to jump on the praising bandwagon with this one.  It is the ideal place to enjoy a slow morning, get some work done, read a book, grab a bite, catch up or just sit on one of the window-side benches and watch the people of Friedrichshain.  

How: Between €3 and €10


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