Who: Ishin

What: Japanese

When: Lunch/Dinner/Drinks. Monday-Saturday: 11-22 (Except Schloßstr. => Monday-Thursday: 11-19.30 / Friday-Saturday: 11-20)

 Where: Charlottenstraße 16 => U-Bahn: Kochstr. (U6) / Bundesallee 203 => U-Bahn: Güntzelstr. (U9) / Mittelstraße 24  => U-bahn: Branderburger Tor (S1/S2/S25) / Schloßstraße 101 => U-Bahn: Schloßstr. (U9) 

Why: The location on Charlottenstr. is in a busy area surrounded by offices and popular tourist attractions, so you're more than likely to be surrounded by professionals in suits and tourists, but the atmosphere is a great balance of chilled and excited energy.  Staff is friendly and service is quick. Not the best or freshest sushi I've ever had, but not a disappointment.  Good for a quick, inexpensive lunch in a really touristy area, good to know about. 

How: Between €3 - €15


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