W Der Imbiss

What: Vegetarian

When: Lunch/Dinner. Sunday-Thursday: 12-22 / Friday & Saturday: 12-23.

Where: Kastanienallee 49 => U-Bahn: Senefelder Platz (U2)

Why: The website for W Der Imbiss cleverly refers to their food as INDO-MEXI-CAL-ITAL fusion food. Drawing from this influence and mix of flavors they have created a spectacular vegan/vegetarian menu with bold flavors. Speaking as an avid meat lover, I always find myself being very critical of vegan and vegetarian food, often comparing it to meat counterparts, but W Der Imbiss really delivered. I didn't miss the meat, instead I savored every (healthy) bite of my naan veggie pizza. Upon second visit, I tried out the Thali. There was so much on the tray to try, each one different from the last, a perfectly balanced mix of spicy and cooler, hot and cold, simple and complex flavors. My favorite part though is being able to mix different elements together, every bite was unique. Now, W is not perfect, if you follow me on Instagram, you may remember the long and upset rant I went on about the service there. However, I've visited this spot again since and happily renounce my original complaints, the staff were nothing but pleasant and polite. I'm glad I gave them a second chance!

How: €6-15


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