Who: Silo

What: Café

When: Breakfast/Coffee/Snack. Monday-Sunday: 8.30-19.

Where: Gabriel-Max-Straße 4 => U-bahn & S-Bahn Warshauer (U1/S5/S7/S75)

Why: Silo Coffee is amongst the best and most popular coffee spots in Berlin. They roast locally and serve breakfast reminiscent of the famous Aussie style that fellow foodie The Fat Boy Eats opened my eyes to. Fresh sourdough toast with avocado, chopped tomato salsa goats cheese and balsamic was my choice. Friendly service, great coffee, minimalistic rustic interior and great (albeit a little overpriced) food, all make Silo an ideal little spot. UPDATE: Recently tried their cheesecake and its DYNAMITE.

How: €3-8


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