What: Portugese

When: Lunch. Monday-Sunday: 12-22

Where: Wiener Str. 32 => U-Bahn: Görlitzer Bahnhof (U1)

Why: From the people who brought you Santa Maria (+Eastside) and Maria Bonita comes a new dining experience. They've taken a step back form Mexican fare to bring Portuguese Piri-Piri chicken burgers to the streets of Berlin (but don't worry, they still have their famous Margaritas on the menu and options for vegetarians). Berlin takes their burgers very seriously and with long-standing bosses like The Bird and Burgermeister, it's hard for a newbie to really break the market, but in my opinion, Piri's has done just that, and serves mouth-watering burgers worthy of striking fear into the helms of even Berlin's most popular burger institutions.

How: €5-8


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