Zwei Dicke Bären

Chocolate Chip cookie and vanilla ice cream

What: Ice Cream Sandwiches

When: Snack/Dessert

Where: Zwei Dicke Bären sells their ice cream sandwiches at Curious Fox bookstore and Mos Eisley Gelateria in Neuköln and available to hire, but we found them at Street Food Thursdays at Markthalle Neun: Eisenbahnstraße 42. => U-Bahn: Görlitzer Bahnhof (U1).

Why: Two perfectly baked cookies and creamy Mos Eisley ice cream. They have a few variations that include strawberry ice cream and lemon sugar cookies. They are also constantly making new ones for special occasions like a Rice Crispy version for Markthalle Neun's breakfast market and a rosemary cookie with goats cheese filling for Burgers & HipHop. Heaven. What more is there to say?

How: €4

double chocolate chocolate chip cookie and salted caramel ice cream


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