Supermarket Concept Store

ricotta ravioli balls in miso butter

What: Fusion

When: Lunch/Dinner/Drinks/Coffee. Monday-Saturday: 10-1 / Sunday: 10-20

Where: Hardenbergplatz 2  => S-Bahn/U-bahn: Zoologischer Garten (S1/S5/S7/S75/U2/U9/Regio)

Why: I was attracted to this concept store/restaurant because of it's view on the Zoo and midday techno music. The ricotta ravioli balls in miso butter I ordered were pleasurable in every way. Everything from the vegetables to the (as advertised 'perfectly cooked') egg were, actually, perfectly cooked and seasoned. I could have eaten those ravioli balls and that sauce all day. The pickled carrots and cabbage the beginning were also a tasty surprise. I have to say though, the service was pretty bad. Painfully slow, the staff were leaning on the counters chatting to each other most of the time and once even ignored me trying to get their attention to make my order. I mean looked right at me and chose to pretend they hadn't. I would recommend you to steer clear if it wasn't for the great location and redeeming food which at €11, allowed me to pardon the service.

How: Between €6 and €13


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