Sushi Miyabi

Tiger-roll and Nigiri (#5)

What: Sushi/Japanese/Bar

When: Lunch/Dinner/Drinks. Monday-Sunday: 11-24.

Where: Georgenstr. 195 => U-bahn & S-Bahn Friedrichstr. (U6/S1/S2/S5/S7/S25/S75)/ Uhlandstr. 104-105 => U-bahn: Blissestr. (U7)

Why: I visited the Sushi Miyabi located just off of Friedrichstr. on Georgenstr. with a friend. It was my first sushi experience in Berlin so I was really exited to dig in. At the time I thought it was amazing, but now with a few other Berlin sushi experiences under my belt, I can conclude that its good, but not special. I know, its hard to do something "special" with sushi, as the base options mostly remain the same, but in terms of the freshness and uniqueness I wasn't particularly impressed either. The service was a bit slow as well, despite my friend and I being one of only four tables in the restaurant at the time. On the other hand however, I can't say that I was really disappointed with my meal. Worth a trip, but not the best Berlin has to offer.

How: Between €6 and €15


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