PicNic 34

Who: PicNic34

What: Italian/Food Truck

When: Lunch/Dinner. Tuesday-Sunday: 12-24

Where: Wiener Straße 34 => U-bahn: Görlitzer Bahnhof (U1)

Why: My friend and I showed up quite late and very hungry. We looked up at the menu without too much certainty what we wanted. As though he could read it on our faces, Fudo behind the counter started to ask us what we liked and soon enough we found ourselves trying various Italian cheeses and meats and, answering some questions, all while Fudo was listening and putting together a perfect little foccacia sandwich according to our answers. In the end, obviously we both loved our food, perfectly tailored to our tastes. Fudo was a delight to talk to and is a fantastic artist, which is reflected in the art thats all over the joint (both his, and his artist friends'). At it's core, PicNic 34 is just honest, homemade Italian food, and I hear they are starting their own food truck too. I know for sure, I'll be looking out for it.  

How: Between €5 and €10


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