Ban Ban Kitchen

Ninja chicken Nori taco

What: Korean

When: Lunch/Dinner. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday:17-22 / Friday-Saturday: 17-23

Where: Hermannstraße 205 => U-bahn: Boddinstr. (U8)

Why: I'm always looking for something different, something new and I found it here. Ban Ban Kitchen is just a small hole-in-the-wall type place with a simple, well organized menu and limited seating, but real authentic flare.  The Nori Chicken Taco I ordered was completely new to me. It was rice, chicken and other vegetables rolled into a nori "taco shell". I loves the vegetables and chicken, they were perfectly seasoned soy and sesame goodness, however there was too much rice I felt. The rice didn't have much flavor yet it overpowered the rest of the filling. Ban Ban Kitchen is also known for their kimchi fries which I'll have to spring for next time!

How: Between €4 and €6


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